4th December

In phonics this week our new phonemes are 'o' making an 'u' sound like in the words, onion, above, mother, brother, son, glove and adding 'ed' to a word for the past tense. We have been finding out that sometimes 'ed' at the end of a word makes a 't' sound, like in looked, helped, missed, kicked, jumped, and sometimes it makes a 'd' sound like in hugged, grinned, shoved.

In maths we are still working on subtraction. We have been working on some word and money problems.

for example -

Abbigail had 5 carrots, she gave 3 to her pony, how many did she have left?

Evie had 8 hair bows, she lost 2, how many did she have left?

Tommy had 10 sweets, he ate 4, how many did he have left?

You have 10p, you buy a chocolate bar that costs 7p, how much money do you have left?

You have 10p, you buy an apple for 5p, how much change do you get?


In English we have been working on the story of 'Harvey Slumfenburger's Christmas present', we described Father Christmas's journey to Harvey Slumfenburger's house on the top of the Roly Poly Mountains and then how he got back home again and we wrote thank you letters to Father Christmas from Harvey.

We also sequenced the Christmas story and after listening to the story 'Dear Father Christmas', wrote our own letters to Father Christmas, which we put in an envelope to post to the North Pole.


Balloon Pop - subtraction

Materials game

Curious Cat

Blast the Rocket

Letters to Santa

North Pole