week beginning 2nd October

This week we have been learning about naming words (nouns) and describing words (adjectives). We listened to a story called 'The Magic Train Ride' and the children had to use their imagination to think of where their magic ticket would take them and what they would see and do there. In maths we have been working on greater and smaller than, ordering numbers from highest to lowest and lowest to highest and ordinal numbers - 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc. We have been thinking about the season of Autumn and went for a walk around the school grounds to look for and find signs of autumn. We had fun throwing sycamore keys into the air and watching them twirl like helicopters and of course we found lots of conkers. Mrs Caudwell brought in a basket of ornamental gourds for the children to look at and feel the textures. We found out that a Horse Chestnut (conker) tree has rough bark and a Beech tree has smooth bark. 

games to support this weeks learning

 garden leaves

ordinal numbers - racing cars

ordinal numbers - fairground ride

Higher and Lower

Caterpillar ordering

Counting caterpillar