week beginning 15th January

This week we have been finding out about the North Pole, in the Arctic. We have been learning a bit about Polar bears, having a go at writing the answers to questions in full sentences. We have done some lovely polar bear pictures in art, some of which we will enter into the Aldeburgh Art competition.

In maths we have been working on teen numbers and have started some work on place value, tens and units (or ones).

Our new phonemes this week are more different ways to make the 'ai' sound - a_e (a split e) as in cake, made, mistake, flame, a as in apron, angel, baby, table, ea as in break, great, steak, ae as in icecream sundae, reggae, vertebrae.

We went for a walk to look at the trees in the school grounds, to see which ones are deciduous (lose their leaves in winter) and which are coniferous (evergreen).