6th November

The children enjoyed talking about and describing the bonfire night celebrations and fireworks they saw over the weekend, then in the afternoon doing some firework art activities. In PE we followed a bonfire and firework night 'Let's Move' dance programme. 

The children have done some fantastic writing this week about a short film clip we watched about a little boy who made a rocket, went up into space and met an alien. In phonics our new phonemes are 'ew' as in threw and flew and 'ou' as in shout and mouth. 

In maths we are continuing to explore different methods in addition and write addition 'fact families'. In science we have continued finding out about different materials.

Sum Sense - addition


Next week is anti-bullying week, on Monday the children can wear odd socks to celebrate 'all different, all equal'.   Then on Friday for Children in Need they can wear pyjamas or a onesie.

On Friday morning some of the class will be joining some of Year 2 and going to Leiston Primary for the Avocet Academy Y1/2 dance competition. As we couldn't take the whole class, I asked the children who would or would not like to participate.