4th - 12th January

We have started the first part of our 'opposites' topic with 'hot and cold' and have been finding out about the coldest place in the world, Antarctica and the South Pole. 

We have been finding out about penguins and have done some lovely artwork this week. In English we retold the Oliver Jeffer's story 'Lost and Found' in which a little boy finds a penguin on his doorstep. In maths we have been working on fact families and made penguin pictures to help us with our maths. We have been encouraging the children to look carefully at the signs and 'read' the number sentence.

If a penguin had 10 fish - 6 red and 4 green, we could write 8  number sentences ...

6+4 =10

4+6 =10

10-6 =4

10-4 =6

10 = 4+6

10 = 6+4

6 = 10 - 4

4 = 10 - 6

In phonics we have been learning that there are different ways to make the same sound - ai - paint, train, snail, rainbow, ay - tray, play, stay, Monday, eigh - eight, eighteen, weight, ey - grey, they, prey, obey.