Welcome To The New School Year

A big welcome back to some of our children and families and a big welcome to those of you who have joined us this term.

The children have settled in well and are getting used to the environment and routines.

Routine Reminders

  • The doors open at 11.45am. Feel free to come in to share with the children story time and to support them to get ready for home. This also provides you with the opportunity to have a chat with each other or with staff in the warm and dry.
  • Library day is Monday. Library books can be left in the appropriate tray in the classroom.
  • Learning Journals can be left in the appropriate tray each morning but if the children have something to share with us, they can pop it in the story bag ready to share with the class.


Autumn Term

The Autumn Term has been busy so far, with more to come! Our topic this half term is 'Pumpkin Patch' when we will be talking about Autumn and harvest. We will be looking at how wheat gets from the fields to our table and how the leaves are changing colour on the trees. We will be focusing some of our work around the book The Old Woman and the Red Pumpkin written by Betsy Band. This book is based on a traditional Indian folktale about a brave grandmother who outwits the wild animals. This is going to allow us to also look at foods from another country and of course pumpkins! After half term the children will have a chance to some pumpkin carving.

During the second half of the term will will be focusing on light and dark in our topic 'Who turned out the light!" This will provide the opportunity to explore the length of the day, shadows, festivals including Diwali and Christmas in addition to talking about people who work at night and the different jobs and roles they have.