Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 Class Page

Welcome back and I hope you had an excellent Christmas! In the autumn the pupils studied World War 2 in topic and this term they will be going further back in time to study the Romans.  As well as learning about the history of the Romans, they will also be creating Roman mosaics and pottery and I will be looking at a trip to support thier learning. In science they will be learning about the theory of evolution and inheritance. Pupils will have P.E. on Mondays and Thursdays but can they please always have their kits in school because this may change at times.


  • Homework will be handed out to the pupils every Friday starting this week and will be expected to be handed in on the following Thursday. If pupils are finding the work difficult, I encourage them to come to me before the Thursday so I can go through it with them. Homework will be:
  • Spellings – similar to the way it worked last year, the pupils will receive five new spellings each week. The first week they will have five spellings, second week ten and by the third week they will have fifteen. On the fourth week, the first week’s lot of five spellings are removed so the pupils never have more than fifteen spellings and only five of these are new. Pupils are expected to learn these spellings and write a sentence but only for the five new spellings.
  • Times tables/rapid recall – The times table scheme from last year will continue and I have received Mr Jackson’s table that shows me what stage each pupil is at. If they have finished the scheme, they will receive rapid recall facts instead.
  • Reading – Pupils are expected to read every night but I do understand at times this is not always possible with clubs or other after school events. I am currently looking at changing expectations for this slightly and will send an update on this soon.
  • Maths/English – Pupils will receive one piece of homework related to either the learning of English or Maths for that week.

Any concerns or anything you wish to discuss with me, I will be on the playground before school, available after school or please pass a note to your child instead of writing in their reading journals. I will check their diaries every week for notes.