Year 4/5

Year 5 Mr Jackson

Welcome to Autumn term in Year 5

This term our topic is the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age. We will be learning about the tools they made, the buildings and monuments they created and how they celebrated life and death. There will be a project based on the topic that I will set a few weeks before half term.


* Children should be reading daily and discussing what they have read on a regular basis with an adult. The children are responsible for completing their own reading journal.

* ALL children are expected to know multiplication facts and related division facts to 12x12. Children should be practising and consolidating basic numeracy facts regularly. Weekly tasks will be set to support this.

*Children have weekly spellings to learn and will be tested every Friday. They will need to put each of the words they are given in to a sentence. We will discuss the spellings in class each week.


* PE kits should be available in school at all times – Thursday afternoon is the regular slot for Year 5 PE .

* Swimming kits need to be in school for lessons at Framlingham College on Monday afternoons.