4th March

Health and Growth - game and quiz


This week in phonics we have been finding out about the 'ul' sound at the end of words. le - bottle, people, tickle, bubble, el - hotel, channel, squirrel, al - animal, capital, nocturnal, il - pencil, April, lentil.

In maths we have been comparing objects and numbers to 50. 36 is less than 42, 42 is more than 36,  36<42, 42>36. 4 tens is more than 31, 1 ten and 8 ones is less than 29.

In PSHE we have been thinking about ways to stay fit and healthy and finding out about healthy eating and a balanced diet.

The children have been working on describing words (adjectives) in English and have written their own versions of the Owl Baby story using their nocturnal animal puppets.

In Art they have made collage owls. In science they have been learning about different animal groups.

We enjoyed sharing books and stories on World Book Day and it was great to see lots of parents coming along to join us.