3rd December

The corridor is looking very festive after 'glue and glitter' morning on Monday!

This week in phonics we have been learning that sometimes an 'o' can make an 'u' sound, as in onion, son, Monday, glove and brother. We also found out that 'ed' at the end of a word, sending the word into the past, sometimes makes a 'd' sound, sometimes an 'id' sound and at other times it can sound like't', as in hugged, floated, checked.

In maths we practised our addition and subtraction, reading the number sentences and looking carefully at the plus or minus sign. Then we had a go at filling in missing signs in number sentences, to make the calculations correct.

In topic we watched a dvd about toys in Victorian times and then wrote some sentences comparing old and new toys.

Of course, we have been doing lots of practise for our Christmas play too!