14th January

This week in phonics we have been working on the 'ee' family, different ways to make the ee sound - ee - feet, greetings, ea - leaves, heater, ey - key, chimney, y - happy, baby, e - me, she, he, ie - field, thief, e_e - compete, athlete. The children have taken home a phoneme spotter postcard to practise reading and identifying words using these sounds.

In maths we have been comparing and ordering groups of objects from smallest to greatest or greatest to smallest. We have also been using the symbols < > =, for example 14<18 14 is smaller than 18. 20> 11 20 is greater (more than) 11.

caterpillar ordering

Chinese dragon game

We have been using information books to do some research and find different facts about penguins and the penguin life-cycle. We had a go at getting into a 'huddle' which is one of the ways that penguins keep warm. (A penguin huddle is shown at the beginning of the film 'Happy Feet')

Next week we are welcoming Mrs Forrest, who will be working with us in Year 1 this term.