Meet the Staff


Mrs C Singleton

Executive Principal

Mrs J Stanley-Bell


Mrs J Porter-Hardy

Head of School

Mrs H Murray


Mrs E Robson


Mrs N Legh-Smith

Teaching Staff

Nursery - Mrs M Garland
Reception - Miss I Payne
Year 1 - Mrs Y Elvin and Mrs C Pestell
Year 2 - Mrs K Edmonds
Year 3 and 4 - Mr K Woodward (maternity cover for Ms L Denny)
Year 5 - Mr J Lister
Year 6 - Mr S Woods


Mrs S Humfrey

Early Years Practitioner

Mrs P Knights

Teaching Assistants

Mrs S Batey, Mrs P Knights, Mrs L Wishon
Mrs N Blyth, Mrs C Heeley, Miss L Thorold,
Miss H Corner, Mrs R Crosby, Miss J Green


Mrs S Hubbard, Mrs M Rodwell

Kitchen and MDSAs

Mrs V King, Mrs W Frost, Mrs T Knights, Ms N Kelley, Miss L Thorold
Ms D Coles and Ms S Niven


Mr C Lister