Welcome To The New School Year

A big welcome back to some of our children and families and a big welcome to those of you who have joined us this term.

The children have settled in well and coped with the changes that have been made to the Nursery environment and routines.

Already we have joined Key Stage 1 for a bubble assembly with a brilliant bubbleologist. This has lead to lots of different art and science activities related to bubbles. Our topic for the beginning of this half term is 'What Goes Round' which supports their experiences of the cycle race through the village as well as exploring the science and fun behind bubbles.

Routine Reminders

  • The doors open at 11.45am. Feel free to come in to share with the children story time and to support them to get ready for home. This also provides you with the opportunity to have a chat with each other or with staff in the warm and dry.
  • Library day is Thursday. Library books can be left in the appropriate tray in the classroom.
  • Learning Journals can be left in the appropriate tray each morning if the children have something to share with us and the other children.


Autumn Term

The Autumn Term has been busy so far, with more to come! Our topic of Nuts and Acorns provided plenty of opportunities to explore the season of Autumn in the wider learning environment with a morning in the Forest School area, bug hunting, bark rubbing and mud drawing with stick pencils. In addition we have created different pieces of artwork from conker rolling in paint to printing with Japonica fruit. Examples of these are displayed outside the classroom. The morning spent sweeping the leaves up in our outside area involved a lot of fun. We decided the best thing to do with the heap of leaves we had collected was to throw them all up in the air again for them to blow in the wind!

We will be beginning our next topic of 'Who Stole The Sun' which will provide the children with experiences of light and dark through science, role play and art. This will lead us up to the festive season!